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Tylvax® WS

Polvo Soluble Advanced Generation Macrolide Antibiotic

Poultry Swine


  • Each 100 g contains: Tylvalosin (as tartrate) 25 g, excipients q.s. ad 100 g.

    *: Acetyl - Isovaleryl tylosin


Treatment and prevention of respiratory and enteric diseases caused by microorganisms sensitive to tylvalosin. Poultry: Chronic respiratory disease (mycoplasmosis), necrotic enteritis, bacterial enteritis and infections by Ornithobacterium rhinotracheale. Pigs: Mycoplasmal pneumonia (enzootic), porcine ileitis, swine dysentery and porcine colitis.

Commercial Presentation

Sachet x 100 g, Sachet x 1 kg , Sachet x 15 g,

Dosage and Administration

Poultry: Preventive: 80-100 g/200 L of water (3 first days of life) and 40-60 g/200 L of water (3-4 more days or in situations of subsequent stress. Therapeutic: 80-100 g/200 L of water during 3 days. Pigs: Preventive: 100 g/500 L during 3-4 days. Therapeutic: Ileitis (PPE): 100 g/500 L of water during 5 days. Other pathologies: 100-200 g/500 L of water during 3-5 days.

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